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    Liz Phair has nearly completed her first album in more than four years in a Los Angeles studio. The follow-up to 1998's Whitechocolatespaceegg is being helmed by a host of producers, including the Matrix, and Phair herself is producing four or five tracks. The songs she previously recorded with Michael Penn will not be among the tracks slated for the as-yet-untitled album, which Capitol Records hopes to release in the first half of next year...
  • ken lee posted to the support-system website that liz's new album is definitely not coming out in 2002.
  • liz appears in the filem cherish, with robin tunney. check out the cherish website for mor details. robin has noted that she is posing for the cover of liz's new album.
  • Liz on the Tonight Show!!!
    Guests include actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, actor Peter Krause and music by Sheryl Crow and Liz Phair. TV-14
  • Liz Phair is prominently featured in a new book called "MOUTHING OFF - A Book Of Rock & Roll Quotes." The book features some funny and truthful observations from Liz (along with photos and quotes from all sorts of rock, punk and indie artists.) Compiled by Rolling Stone/Billboard contributor John D. Luerssen, MOUTHING OFF hits book and record stores this June. Those who can't wait, can purchase it early online at major book e-tailers. (Note: it's cheapest on Amazon.) Thanks to John Luerssen for the news.
  • liz phair sings back-up on Sheryl Crow's latest single: soak up the sun. check out Sheryl's website for more info and to view a clip of sheryl talking about the video and how she got liz to sing with her.


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